Below are answers to the most frequently asked burial service questions at Robinson Memorial Gardens in Easley. For more information, please call to speak with our knowledgeable staff.

Funerals and burials double in price every 10-12 years.  Is it possible that your insurance will not be enough when the time comes?  Do you know for certain that you will not outlive your insurance benefit? Check with your insurance company.

Actually the cost is comparable to traditional burial and often less. At Robinson Memorial Garden, all cemetery charges are included in the price, so there are no added fees or unexpected costs.

Mausoleum crypts are designed to withstand weather and protect remains. They are dry and clean and offer a climate-controlled chapel for committal services. Your last memory is the casket in the chapel instead of over an open grave.

And in terms of the environment, you are saving ground use.

Final arrangements can be one of the most costly decisions you will ever make.  You’ve always made decisions together…your home, your cars, etc.   The loving thing to do is to share those decisions as well so that one will not have the burden of making those decisions alone on the worst day of his or her life.

No. Mausoleum entombment provides above ground burial at a cost comparable to traditional burial if not less.

It depends on what you want to do with your cremated remains. Often people think their loved ones will want to keep the remains, but as generations go by, there may come a time when the remains will become unwanted. Sometimes urns with cremated remains are found in the dump. It is best to secure a final resting place for when that time comes.

Make a plan for wherever you are living, if you move, your plan might be able to move with you. We never know when or where, so it’s best to be prepared. Do not leave the burden on your family.

You can both be in one burial plot if at least one if cremated. Or the two of you can be in a mausoleum crypt as well.

At the time of death full payment is required. However, when you preplan there are many payment options available including several no interest options.

People often change their minds on the type of burial they want.  Spaces may be traded up for mausoleum entombment, niches for cremated remains, cremation bench, etc.  Spaces continue to increase in value over time so their trade value also increases.

All honorably discharged veterans with a DD 214 discharge form are eligible for a free space for their burial at Robinson Memorial Garden if claimed before death occurs.  Adjacent spaces may be purchased for the spouse and other family members.

Prices completely double about every 10-12 years.  There are many folks who purchased life insurance many years ago to pay for their funeral.  Now they find that it is not enough.  Everyone needs to understand the best way to use his or her resources.  Death is a sure thing and must be planned for just like weddings, children and retirement.  Why should we plan? Because we can lock in the prices and make payments; through preplanning, we have the chance to stop inflation associated with final arrangements.

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